Personal growth

Personal growth is a matter of global importance

One of the keys to living a happy, fulfilling life is to constantly pursue personal growth. Many people get wrapped up in their day-to-day lives and forget to think about our spiritual well-being. However, this may have broader consequences than just an empty individual.

E. Stanley Jones wrote in his book, Growing Spiritually, that the process of self improvement plays a key role in developing fully-functioning societies that are capable of taking care of their individual members, according to the Victoria Advocate.

“The necessity for spiritual growth is not merely our personal problem, it is our world problem,” he said, according to the news source.

These sentiments closely echo Ilchi Lee’s thoughts on personal growth. There are certainly benefits to individuals that come in the way of greater happiness and fulfillment. However, given the fact that everyone is part of the larger whole of humanity, enlightened and spiritually active individuals are particularly important.

Pursuing personal growth is an important part of realizing membership in the community of the Earth and making the planet a more peaceful, just place.

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