Actions speak louder than words when it comes to world peace

Peace is a thing that many people aspire toward in their daily life but few actually put their beliefs into practice. While these sentiments are positive and show that a person’s heart is in the right place, merely thinking about peace is not enough. At some point, action is required.

The Korean phrase Pyung-hwa refers to this idea of peace, and has become an important theme in the teachings of author and philosopher Ilchi Lee. His discussions on the topic reflect a world that is currently divided by religious, national and cultural differences.

However, he believes that in the relatively near future, individuals will put aside these differences and unite as citizens of the world. Through this process, world peace will be achieved.

While this day may still be several years off, the actions of Ilchi Lee and other trailblazers like him have helped raise the profile of the cause for peace and have gotten many more people interested in the subject.

However, further action is still required. People around the world must begin to appreciate the common humanity that exists in themselves and in others. This way, people of the planet may achieve world peace.

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