Knowing one’s source may be key for spiritual growth

The Korean term Bohn talks about the importance of knowing one’s roots. However, this has less to do with cultural or religious heritage than the innate spiritual link that everyone has to the cosmic source.

Bohn means “origin” or “essence”. It talks about the fundamentals that underlie something. When it comes to a person, there is a deep spiritual link that connects a person to everything around them.

This source also burns like a flame within every individual and is the spark that most people refer to as consciousness. This is a person’s true nature and informs everything that they think about and do in the course of their days.

Bohn is inescapable. It is always with a person, even when they are not aware of it. Therefore, embracing this source and striving to understand it may play an important role in any quest for spiritual growth.

A person may be able to get in touch with their true inner self through mind-body techniques such as meditation, yoga or t’ai chi. These methods may help bring them closer to a deep understanding of their connection to the world around them.

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