Achieving a right mind may lead to personal development

Many people who are concerned with gathering wisdom and knowledge in pursuit of personal development believe that they have to spend endless hours poring over books and listening to learned individuals. However, spending time clearing the mind may do just as much good.

In Korean there is a phrase Chun-Shim. It translates to “Heart of Heaven” and is often used to describe what is known as the “right mind.” The concept refers to a natural state of mind in which an individual is able to naturally see all the beauty that exists in the world. From this perceptive ability often flows boundless knowledge.

This state of mind is not attained by reading the works of established masters or by sitting through long lectures. Rather, it results from putting one’s experience into practice and working to get the most of the nearly boundless possibilities of their mind.

While achieving the right mind may take a significant amount of work, the rewards from pursuing this type of personal development may be many. It can allow a person to view the world in a whole new way and with far greater appreciation for the natural beauty of things.

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