Chamberlain College offers brain potential in nursing program

As the nursing profession continues to provide various jobs for people who are going back to work, more schools are offering programs that will help individuals get an academic background in this competitive and heavily desired field.

Chamberlain College of Nursing is looking to give more offerings to individuals who want to get into the healthcare field. The new second bachelor’s of science in nursing (BSN) degree program will allow students to increase their knowledge in as few as 13 months.

Academic officials noted that there are a high number of people who are currently out of work and looking for other options, which is why this new program could be an answer to their needs and give them a chance to increase their brain potential.

“Chamberlain’s Second Degree BSN option prepares students with the skills they need to make the career change into nursing without having to return to school for multiple years, like in traditional BSN degree programs,” said Laura Fillmore, the school’s dean. “This new degree option caters to career changers who are passionate about working in a rewarding field with purpose and growth opportunities.”

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