Putting aside differences is key to world peace

There is currently a significant amount of division and conflict in the world, but some believe that this will one day cease to be the case. The Korean phrase Han-Se-Gye reflects the belief in the prospects for world peace.

The team translates to “one world.” It suggests that it may be possible for the planet to unity under a common banner of humanity. This will be important to any pursuit of world peace.

Currently, racial, ethnic, national and religious differences are at the root of much of the conflict that takes place in the world. These things can provide people with an important sense of identity, but all too often they are used to exploit individuals’ differences and inspire hatred.

However, Han-Se-Gye suggests that it may be possible for the people of planet Earth to put aside their difference and unity in harmony and peace. This is the greatest hope that the citizens of the world have of achieving an end of conflict.

The concept reflects Ilchi Lee’s belief in the Earth Citizen movement, which he says is a person who identifies first as a member of the human race and second along racial lines.

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