Anderson University announces brain education program in ministry

Many people who are interested in launching a career in a specific field work toward a higher degree in order to reach their full brain potential. Not only could this lead to a job placement, but it could also benefit the individual's thirst for knowledge.

Anderson University announced that it was releasing its first doctoral program, which will focus in ministry, according to the Independent Mail. The doctor of ministry program will use both online and in-classroom material in order to give students a hybrid feel.

"The doctor of ministry at Anderson University will have a focus on biblical preaching," Michael Duduit, dean of the College of Christian Studies, told the news provider. "Our goal will be to help pastors and other church leaders enhance their preaching and communication efforts to become even more effective as proclaimers of biblical truth."

Those who are looking for higher salaries may want to consider pursuing a doctorate. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, people with a doctoral degree tend to make an average of $1,550 a week in compensation.

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