Three aspects of humanity carry equal weight

The Korean phrase Chun-Ji-In translates to Heaven, Earth, Human. It has been used for years to remind people that through natural and concentrated efforts, they can reach a higher, more spiritual level of consciousness and maybe even attain personal growth.

The reference to heaven reminds individuals to keep a big open heart. Space does not discriminate or exclude. Rather, it envelopes everything in creation in its warm and encompassing arms. This is the attitude that a person should take. Be open minded and grateful.

A person should also be grounded. This is where the reference to Earth comes in. It is important to keep a sense of reality and level headedness when going through daily life. Without this sense of foundation a person's thoughts may drift away from them.

At the intersection of Heaven and Earth lies humanity. This is the point of the final reference in the phrase. People should remember at all times that they are equal parts beings of this planet and transcendent spiritual creatures. When a person recognizes the relevance of these three ideas, personal growth may become much more attainable.

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