Korean Culture In Seoul

Get in touch with Korean culture in Seoul

Korea is a beautiful place, full of history and culture. Seoul in particular is a fantastic locale, and, as the capital city of the southern portion of the peninsula, holds a special place in the heart of many Koreans. Individuals who are interested in learning about Korean culture and customs should consider planning a vacation to this beautiful metropolis.

The Gyeongbok Palace is a fantastic attraction that visitors to Seoul should be sure to check out. This castle also goes by its English translation,"The Palace of Shining Happiness," and in addition to providing travelers with insight into Korean history and culture, should be an excellent spot for contemplation and moving meditation.

The royal palace was originally built in 1394 during the Joseon Dynasty and was later renovated and reconstructed in 1867. During the period of Japanese invasion in the early 20th century, much of the palace was destroyed and is currently undergoing a major restoration project. Today, approximately 40 percent of the original buildings in the palace complex are still standing.

There are many things that visitors to Korea that wish to better understand the culture of the country and its people can learn at Gyeongbok Palace. Dozens of different buildings dot the estate that houses the castle, all of which are built in the traditional Korean style. The Gyeonghoeru Pavilion has particular historic significance, as it was once used as a hall to host banquets for major delegations and special guests during the Joseon Dynasty. It is now a national landmark and has been registered as Korea's Treasure No. 224.

The architecture that individuals who explore the property will be able to take in speaks volumes about Korean culture as well. Mostly built out of wood, the buildings on the estate are adorned with dragons and intricate carvings of other mythical beings. There are also many beautiful gardens where visitors may wish to meditate. 

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