Prayer and healing articles discuss prospects for peace

Individuals who are looking to make the world a more peaceful place through their actions may benefit from looking to prayer and healing articles. These may eventually point a person toward ancient Korean wisdom, which suggest that peace is achievable when the people of the world work together.

This is the principle behind the Korean term pyung-hwa. This phrase describes peace as a collaborative effort that is attained only when the people of the world put aside their difference and work together to find solutions to common problems.

This philosophy is reflected in the works of author and personal growth expert Ilchi Lee. His Earth Citizen movement is designed around this perspective that peace can be achieved through global collaboration and acceptance.

He says that people's national, religious and cultural identities mainly serve to divide people from one another. This is the source of significant amounts of conflict in the world and a main reason for wars and fighting.

However, when people work to overcome these differences, global peace comes within reach. It may seem like a very grand goal, but these types of changes could reasonably be accomplished within the near future. All that is needed is a fresh commitment from the people of the world to peace.

This may seem like a revolutionary idea, but it has actually been around for many years, as reflected by its presence in the Korean tradition. The fact that people have been thinking about these types of ideas for so long shows that the concepts have some traction and could actually be set in motion.

It may seem like a long shot, but with some determination and motivation, people may be able to create a more peaceful world within this generation.


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