Personal Growth Plan

Sticking to a personal growth plan may reveal one’s Tao

Everyone has a different path to follow to achieve their personal growth plan. For some, it may include going to school to become a doctor. For others, it may mean climbing to the top of a mountain in order to get in touch with their inner personal self. Regardless of the individual circumstances, this path represents a person’s Tao.

In Korean, the team literally translates to “the way.” It is used to refer to the path that each individual must follow in order to achieve their life purpose. Korean culture and customs say that each person has a different Tao, and discovering this path is one of the most important aspects of life.

It can take a person decades to uncover their Tao. In American culture, people often tend to think that an individual should have their life purpose figured out by the they graduate high school. However, the concept of Tao recognizes that discovering one’s true passions involves much deeper reflection than this. This means the process can take many years.

Some people are old and gray before they learn what Tao truly means in their life. However, this does not mean they have wasted the intervening years. It simply means that the discovery of their Tao was a little more difficult to earn. This is alright, as the highest hanging fruits are often the sweetest.

So individuals should not worry if they go through a significant portion of their adult lives without feeling as though they have discovered their personal growth plan. Even if the discovery comes late, it is still worthwhile. Persistence and vigilance are what really matter. Through the exercise of these personality characteristics, an individual may even come to discover their Tao.

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