Knowledge from Korean culture and customs may help individuals attain personal growth

Within each and every individual lies a complete and true being that is the foundation upon which the rest of existence is built. This inner-self is true and honest. It is described by the term Bohn, which comes from Korean culture and customs.

Translated, Bohn means origin, foundation or essence. When it is applied to a person, it describes their inner-self, who is the basis for every action they take and thought they think. While most people may not be very familiar with this entity, it informs all aspects of life, and coming to understand it better may be at the heart of any personal growth plan.

During the course of the day, most people do not stop to think about how their inner-self is interacting with the world around them. They simply go through the motions of their daily routine, at times almost on autopilot. This is fine, and in some ways even beneficial. But conducting one's life in this manner may leave little room for personal growth.

Introspection and self-examination are important parts of developing as a human and reaching higher levels of consciousness. For anyone who believes there is more to life than going through the motions of daily routines, this is particularly important.

Author and philosopher Ilchi Lee has described a person's true inner self as an inextinguishable flame whose purity and completeness cannot be touched. Imagine the benefits of drawing closer to this type of power. Think of how life-changing and mind-altering that experience could be.

It may take some time and work for a person to finally discover their true inner-self, but when they do stumble upon this entity, the benefits are often immense.

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