korean culture and customs

Korean culture and customs suggest a powerful personal growth concept

In life, it can be difficult to know which personal growth experts to listen to. There are many people who profess to have all the answers for a satisfying, fulfilling life. However, Korean culture and customs have a concept that may make this process easier.

The term chun-shim refers to the Heart of Heaven. It is used to describe a natural state of mind in which an individual is able to see everything in the world for what it truly is. They can look past an object's external appearances and see its real character.

There is a material world outside of people's brains, but much of an individual's perception of that world is constructed in their head. Those who have a positive outlook on the world will see a tremendous amount of beauty, while more negative individuals will fail to see the value in many things.

By stripping away the layers of false perception that cloud many people's view of the world around them, individuals may be able to see things as they were meant to be seen in their true light.

The concept of chun-shim suggests that wisdom and creativity naturally spring from within the mind. All a person has to do is figure out how to unlock this brain power. There are no mystical secrets to living a more complete life. Everyone already has the tools they need to pursue personal growth.

Meditation is one technique that can help individuals focus their mind on the natural character of things. This process works by clearing the mind of extraneous thoughts and feelings, allowing one's true thoughts to come through. This concept appears often in Korean culture and customs.

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