Korean culture and customs suggest living free of attachments

In life, the highest desire of most people is to find a romantic partner or to develop a supportive network of friends. However, Korean culture and customs have a phrase that suggests these connections can actually be counterproductive to individuals who have a personal growth plan.

The term Gong-Shim translates to "empty mind, heart or core." It is used to refer to a state of mind in which a person no longer desires personal attachments. Instead, these individuals prefer to put all their energies in life toward the public good.

By living a life free of emotional attachments, a person is able to focus all of their attention on improving the lives of those around them without allowing their decisions to become clouded by personal desires involving family or friends. In this way, one's work can be completely selfless.

Few people ever achieve this state of mind. One of the most difficult things in life can be letting go of personal desires and living free of attachments. However, this is one of the only possible paths toward truly working for the public good.

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