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The Light of Consciousness

Poem discusses the importance of living in the moment

When practicing meditation or yoga, it is important for individuals to remind themselves to be totally in the present. This is the only way it is possible to connect with the life energy that surrounds everything.

In Ilchi Lee’s poem, The Light of Consciousness, the writer discusses ways that individuals can focus their thoughts to achieve spiritual growth.

In the poem, the writer says that, even though everyone has consciousness, few people live totally and wholly in aware of what goes on around them. Instead, they get wrapped up in thoughts about their responsibilities and plans for the future.

This can lead to an overburdened mind and high stress levels. Ilchi lee’s poem says that consciousness is like a flame. It has powerful energy, yet it cannot be touched or held in the palm of the hand. Additionally, it cannot be taught.

Instead, it may be possible for a person who is seeking fulfillment in their life to be guided to the knowledge and understanding of their own consciousness. This can help them to live more in the present.

Empathy may be key to reducing violence

Empathy may be key to reducing violence

Research that was conducted at the University of Valencia reveals that the same parts of the brain that control empathy may also regulate violent feelings.

Results of the study suggest that focusing on empathetic feelings could inhibit violence in the individual, which is a positive side effect for all mankind.

The authors’ finding were published in the journal Revista de Neurologia. They show that the prefrontal and temporal cortex, the amygdala and other structures in the limbic system play a necessary role in empathetic behaviors and emotions.

“We all know that encouraging empathy has an inhibiting effect on violence, but this may not only be a social question but also a biological one—stimulation of these neuronal circuits in one direction reduces their activity in the other,” said Luis Moya Albiol, the study’s lead author.

Results of the study suggest that brain education techniques may help individuals reduce any tendencies toward violence by focusing on empathetic feelings during meditation and exercise. Author and philosopher Ilchi Lee believes in personal change through brain education, and has authored many books on the subject.

Heightened empathy combined with a reduction—or elimination—of violence may foster a peaceful planet in which individuals see themselves as citizens of the Earth rather than a region or nation.

Send a Love Letter to Your Cells

You may have been taught to believe that your genes determine what you will become. This can be especially disempowering when you hear that you may inherit the diseases of your parents and grandparents. However, a whole new line of thinking is emerging from biological science. Now, biologists realize that genes are not the only players in the inter cellular game that decides your personal health.

As it turns out, the membrane that surrounds the cell may be more important than genes in determining your state of health. The cell membrane senses and responds to the surrounding environment. In other words, it is the brain of the cell, receiving and interpreting messages from the body. But who talks to your cells on behalf of your body, telling them how to act? It is the same element that talks to your organs—telling your heart to beat and your lungs to breathe. It is your brain.

The Decision: Humans Will Have Divine Creativity

At the height of the debate, the white-robed gods suggested a radical idea: if the gods followed their suggestion and the project failed, then they would change into black robes, signifying a fundamental change in the direction of the universe. This is logical, for even gods have to take responsibilities for their choices. Choice is free, but one must take responsibility for its consequences. This is the rule that a creator has to follow. The black-robed gods agreed to this arrangement and the project proceeded with a unanimous vote to unlock the divine creative potential in humans.

Those that favored unlocking the divine creative potential wore white robes and the opposition wore black. This division represented a more fundamental division among the gods: one side wanted to expand the use of the divine creativity in all areas of the universe and, accordingly, went around planting seeds of divine information. The other side wanted to limit the use of divine creativity, and was consequently busy scooping up the seeds of divine information that the white-robed ones had scattered.

However, knowing that they represented opposite but necessary sides that brought a balanced tension to the universe, each side respected the work of the other. But in the case of the Omega Experiment, as we might call this project, they needed unanimity among the gods in order to take any action, since it was originally conceived and begun as a collective project. Therefore, the debate intensified.

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Thoughts are the breath of the brain

Now, I want you to consider something that you may never have conceptualized or imagined before. Thoughts are the breath of the brain.

Just as we take air into our bodies, we are also allowing thoughts to be processed by our brains. Breathing is mechanical. You do not have to think about breathing, and you do not have to make yourself do it. It is an automatic action of the body. Breathing happens by itself. It is what the body does.

Thinking is also mechanical said Ilchi Lee. You do not have to think about thinking, and you do not have to make yourself do it. It is a routine of the brain. Thinking happens by itselt. It is what the brain does.

Of course, how the body breathes is another matter. That is something you can control—although very few people do. And how the brain thinks is another matter. That is something you can control—although very few people do.

Hope, message, action and music

Brain Education created by Ilchi Lee uses three key tools to develop one’s brain, which are message, music and action. When one listens to soothing and inspiring music, her mind becomes quiet and can be highly motivated. On the contrary, when you listen to noisy heavy metal rock style music, your brain will get foggy and noisy. Anyway, either positive or negative, your brain is affected by the music you listen to. So carefully choose your music.

Second, it’s message. Depending on positive message or negative message you have in your mind, your characteristics, personality and habits will be remarkably different. No matter how hopeless a situation one might have, if you have a strong message of hope, if you strongly believe in the message and hold on to it, you have hope and it is most likely that you will overcome the situation after all. If you think you are in the situation bad enough to make the angels weep, please have hope. Strongly hold onto hopeful messages. I can do it. I can do it!

Ilchi Lee on creation and the Secret

What do you think most? What do you want? What is it that you really want? Ilchi Lee said on creation. When you want to create something, it begins with your thoughts. It begins with your mind. A human being has been creating something all the time. What you think will become things and demonstrate itself right in front of you. Whether you mean it or not, you should be careful what you think, wish for. Like what the New York Times bestseller the Secret said, people tend to think what they don’t like. Then, thoughts become things.

The brain cannot have two different thoughts at the same time. It cannot have two different emotions at the same time. When you have positive thoughts and joyful emotions, there is no way that negative emotions can sneak into your brain unless you allow them to. All you have to do is to be careful of what you wish for and think. Whether you think of something deliberately or without you knowing it, it does not matter. Your thoughts will become things.

Now it’s high time to decide. It’s high time to choose. Will you choose positivity and healing? Or will you choose negativity and killing. The answer is self-evident. Let us choose information that gives you health, happiness and peace, and move forward with it. Let’s create a happy life for ourselves and the entire humanity.


To truly create something first we need a picture in our minds of what we will create.  Then we need a plan to go about making appear in reality.  Next we need the will to take action.  The means can be changed from time to time depending on the situation.  It may-not seem like it is really creation when we make our ideas reality.  We sometimes ignore the most beautiful things about our life.  We tend to focus on the things we don’t like more.  Odd thing is why would you give attention to what you don’t like to be involved in.

Dancing Light

Together we dance in the warm white light.  Energy so great tonight and members so happy.  This is because of pre-Healing Chakra training.  Thank you for this gift, Ilchi Lee!

Pop Music

Today I realized that music can be a powerful component of meditation. When you listen to inspiring songs during meditative practices, they can help you go deeper into your experience. Pop songs can be surprisingly effective. I’m used to hearing stirring instrumentals, but some pop songs with their lyrics work just as well. Whenever I hear Ilchi Lee‘s lectures, I realize this.