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Researchers found that martial arts black belts have higher emotional capacity than the general population.

Martial arts may lead to greater emotional intelligence

It's well known that martial arts moves can lead to heightened reflexes, better muscle tone, a stronger heart and an improved mood. But recent research has proven that this practice is also linked to high emotional intelligence.

Professors at the University of Findlay surveyed 77 first-degree black belts in martial arts to evaluate their levels of emotional intelligence and determine what precisely contributes to their skills in this traditional practice. The research revealed that, compared to the general population, black belts have a greater ability to identify, assess and control feelings – the group scored higher in 15 different aspects of emotional capacity.

While the study looks into the correlation – not the causation – between martial arts and emotional intelligence, the researchers are convinced that the practice teaches essential social skills and spurs emotional growth and development. Professor of communication Cheri Hampton-Farmer stressed the importance of such skills in everyday life.

"I am fascinated by the fact that many of the EI attributes are ones that individuals can develop," Hampton-Farmer said. "In fact, we help students develop many of them in our communication classes. For example, developing good interpersonal skills requires that an individual reflect on how their actions affect other people, which is one of the attributes."

These findings have encouraged the researchers to advance the efforts to incorporate martial arts moves, philosophies and approaches into peoples' daily lives from an early age, such as in elementary school, as well as in the workplace.

Three benefits of practicing martial arts

Have you been looking for a new hobby to get into lately? Something that can help you make a positive change in your life? Well, you might want to think about signing up for a martial arts class in your area. Whether you're interested in mixed martial arts, karate, tae kwon do or any other martial arts styles, these activities come with numerous personal benefits. Here are a few of the advantages of making martial arts a part of your life.

Physical fitness
If you're looking to tone your body, work off a few pounds and increase physical strength, practicing martial arts is a great way to do it. You'll also be working toward mastering specific techniques and moves, instead of just aimlessly lifting weights and running to get in shape.

Self discipline
When it comes to improving your body, mind and spirit, martial arts can teach you a level of self discipline that can be applied to various aspects of your life. Not only will you have greater control and motivation to become physically active, but you can apply that drive to your personal life and professional goals as well.

Self defense
Last but not least, it doesn't hurt that martial arts can teach you how to properly defend yourself should the need ever arise. While you certainly shouldn't go looking for trouble, the skills and strength you develop can help you get away unscathed if you ever find yourself in a dangerous situation.


Looking for an exercise routine? Consider martial arts

If you've been struggling to adopt a workout or fitness routine that really gets you going, you might want to consider signing up for a martial arts class. Not only is this type of exercise extremely beneficial, but it can be fun as well. Here are a few martial arts styles to keep in mind.

Originally developed by the Japanese, this ancient martial art form is becoming increasingly popular in the U.S. Recognizable by it's multi-colored belt leveling system, karate uses a variety of techniques like open-hand chops, kicks, punches and grapples. There are also a variety of competitive styles of karate to choose from.

Tai chi
Depending on your personal goals, tai chi can be as peaceful as yoga or as intensive as the most serious forms of martial arts. Based around a series of controlled movements, tai chi has a heavy focus on spiritual growth and tapping into a person's internal energy – often referred to as "chi."

A more modern style of martial arts, judo differs from more aggressive forms by using an opponent's movements against him or her. Judo techniques involve a variety of grabs, grapples, twists and throws that effectively disarm an attacker in a form of self defense.

Martial arts may be the key to achieving one’s goals

Individuals who are crafting their person growth plans may at times feel stuck. They know they want to achieve certain things in their lives, but how are they supposed to go about reaching these aspirations?

For many, the most expeditious route to their dreams may be martial arts. These ancient practices teach individuals about the importance of self-discipline and confidence. Through the process of mastering a martial art, individuals may find their personal growth goals become much more attainable.

These types of practices do not need to be all about violence. This may have been the reputation they have developed over the years, but there are numerous varieties of martial arts that do not involve any type of actual aggression. The purpose is simply to use the body to focus a person's attention.

By mastering a set of physical actions, a person learns how to devote their mind to a singular purpose. This can have a wide range of benefits in everyday life and help people reach their most ambitious goals and aspirations.

Martial arts moves offer individuals more than just an outlet for aggression

Martial arts moves are not all about aggression. Many people do not realize that certain styles of the ancient art of self defense actually help individuals center their thoughts and become more at peace with the world around them.

In this way, practicing specific types of martial arts can help individuals with their personal growth goals. Few other exercises give a person the self-confidence or the mental strength of various martial arts styles.

When most people think of the form of self defense they develop images of kicking and punching with the intent of hurting another person. While this may appeal to some, it is certainly not a practice that can further any type of pursuit of peace or calmness in life.

However, these common conceptions of what martial arts are all about are not necessarily accurate. There are many styles that do not involve any type of aggression. Tai chi, for example, is simply an exercise routine that helps individuals stretch and strengthen their muscles while also calming their mind.

Seeking personal growth through martial arts moves can provide individuals with an excellent resource that gives them a fresh perspective on their life.

Personal Growth

Nolan’s “Batman” films show off personal growth, martial arts

Christopher Nolan's "Batman" films have broken box office records worldwide, but these films, and the character of Batman, demonstrate some of Ilchi Lee's teachings: especially personal growth through the use of martial arts.

Most everyone knows the origin of Batman, but it's heavily expanded in the first film of the series, "Batman Begins." Thomas and Martha Wayne enjoy great personal success, and give back to the community through their charitable works. However, they're brutally murdered by a robber, leaving Bruce Wayne an orphan.

Alone, Wayne travels the world, eventually meeting the mysterious Ra's al Ghul (Liam Neeson) who teaches him various meditation techniques and martial arts moves. Wayne eventually returns to Gotham City to defend it from the corruption and criminals that have plagued it for so long, growing from a disinterested billionaire into a hero of the city.

Dressing up as a bat to intimidate evildoers, Wayne uses a combination of his sharp investigative skills and newly-learned martial arts to protect the city. Things get even more complex in the sequel, "The Dark Knight," where Batman famously goes toe-to-toe with The Joker (the late Heath Ledger), a homicidal maniac.

With "The Dark Knight" breaking all sorts of records, speculation has surrounded the final film in the trilogy, "The Dark Knight Rises." It's been heavily under wraps up to this point, but fans of the comics might have a few clues as to what will happen. For example, Marion Cotillard has been cast as someone named Miranda Tate, who is not in any of the comics. Since Nolan has stuck mainly to the comics, some fans have speculated that this may be an alias, and Cotillard is actually playing Talia al Ghul, the daughter of Batman's mentor and a potential love interest.

With the first teaser trailer for "The Dark Knight Rises" releasing this weekend with "Harry Potter," fans will finally get their first glimpse of what Nolan has in store when the movie releases in the summer of next year.