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Tao Porchon-Lynch is the oldest female yogi in the world and a personal growth expert.

In the spotlight: 95-year-old yogi Tao Porchon-Lynch

When striving for personal growth, it can be helpful to look to people with experience in self-development for guidance and inspiration. Fortunately, yoga is an ancient technique practiced all across the world, so there's plenty of written material and seasoned yogis to provide you with leadership and encouragement.

One such person is Tao Porchon-Lynch. At the age of 95, this master instructor has more than 70 years of yoga practice under her belt. She founded the Westchester Institute of Yoga in the early 1980s and has since trained hundreds of other teachers in the United States, France and India.

Porchon-Lynch is a personal growth expert in her own right. Throughout her years, she has focused her attention on becoming a better person and improving the world. According to Pocono Record, she has marched alongside Gandhi, served as a documentary writer and has worked to increase literacy in India. Today, as the world's oldest living female yogi, she continues to work to inspire elderly adults in her town. Porchon-Lynch's colleagues recognize her important role in the community.

"The inspiration she gives the seniors in our community, as well as the young, highlights the resolve we all have inside us to explore our potential to be the best, most productive human being we can be," said fellow yoga instructor Nadya Matychak.

Drug addicts turn to yoga for to reach their personal growth goals and find freedom from drugs.

Drug addicts fight substance abuse issues with yoga

Yoga is an ancient practice that has been long used by many cultures to strengthen the mind-body connection and reach personal growth goals. Today, it remains an effective method for obtaining new levels of consciousness and self-awareness. One moving story of such use of yoga takes place in a quaint hamlet of Sasthana, where a group of former drug addicts have helped transform their lives and the local community with the help of this soothing exercise.

According to the Deccan Herald, a group of young men and women hailing from Norway, America and South Africa have found relief from addiction to drugs thanks to yoga. The yogis, along with yoga instructors and gurus, recently traveled to Sasthana to take part in a four-week karma yoga program, which involves cleansing rituals, yoga practice and community-building projects – they helped renovate a bus stop and built homes for two destitute families.

These ex-drug addicts have risen from some unsavory situations to become personal growth experts in their own rights. Ole Johnny, for instance, was hooked on heroin for six years, suffering from side effects like hepatitis and delta virus, before he dedicated himself to yoga and healthy living. Now, Johnny is studying yoga at the Norwegian Institute of Sport and aims to become an instructor after graduation to help other people overcome addiction and other life afflictions.

Experiences of others can guide individuals on their personal growth journeys

Learning from the experiences of others can be a major tool that individuals can use to advance their own goals and aspirations. Regardless of what a person wants to accomplish in life, chances are someone else has already gone through the process.

Whether an individual decides to consult a personal growth expert or crystal healing articles, there is a tremendous amount of information out there that can help guide a person through the ups and downs of a quest for self improvement.

Author and philosopher Ilchi Lee has penned a number of books on personal growth, which may serve as an important resource for individuals who are looking to take their knowledge and skills to the next level. Consulting these works can help people understand the steps necessary to achieve the kind of life they desire.

While no one can tell another person the exact path they must follow in life, the experiences of others can help individuals see what generally works and what doesn't when it comes to making improvements in life. No man is an island, and no one should have to go through these undertakings alone.


Understanding ki energy is central to personal growth

Personal growth experts often say that there is a whole world beyond what can commonly be seen. Ki energy surrounds everything and influences the actions of everyone. Understanding the role this force plays in life can be important to developing a personal success plan.

Probably the most challenging part of coming to understand ki energy is the fact that it cannot be directly seen or felt. This is much different from many of our other experiences.

Take, for example, electrical energy. It may not be possible to view it directly, but humanity has learned to harness it, and its effects can be plainly seen. However, there is no direct way to harness ki energy. Its effects are subtler and less obvious to the untrained eye.

Despite its discreet nature, ki energy can have profound effects in the world. People may not realize it, but the force can be felt at nearly all moments of the day. Developing as a human means getting in touch with this ever-present source of energy and influence. Doing so could lead to numerous benefits in life.

Personal growth experts assist in the journey toward fulfillment

For individuals who are interested in progressing in life and becoming well-rounded people, seeking the advice of a personal growth expert may open up new points of view and allow them to understand how to make the most out of their existence.

In Korean culture and customs, there is a concept known as ilchi. This is where the author and philosopher Ilchi Lee derives his name. The phrase refers to a person who points out the path for individuals to follow. It literally translates as "to point to the truth."

By seeking the advice of such a person, individuals may be able to understand how they can improve their life and pursue personal growth. Undertaken individually, personal development can be a painstaking process. It can be very difficult to make meaningful changes in life and actually stick to them over the long term.

However, with the help of an expert, it may be significantly easier for individuals to adhere to a plan and experience the benefits of personal growth. Finding someone who can point to the way may be an important step in the journey toward satisfaction and fulfillment in life.

Korean culture in America may have important benefits

Bringing Korean culture to America could have important implications for our society, as the ancient Eastern culture has some philosophical solutions to problems that plague the West.

For example, there is a concept in Korean culture known as han-se-gye, which describes a time when the world will unite in harmony. The phrase literally means "one world," and is a favorite of the philosopher and personal growth expert Ilchi Lee.

Given the high level of violence experienced in American society, the concept of han-se-gye may never have been more important. Street shootings are a regular occurrence in the nation's cities, the most popular TV shows often involve violence and our political culture seems to reward conflict over cooperation.

However, Lee says that understanding the importance of uniting under a common cause and furthering peace efforts could put an end to all this and lead to a much more harmonious planet. This is why it is so important for Western cultures to learn from their Eastern neighbors and put the best of their ideas to work.

korean culture and customs

Korean culture and customs suggest a powerful personal growth concept

In life, it can be difficult to know which personal growth experts to listen to. There are many people who profess to have all the answers for a satisfying, fulfilling life. However, Korean culture and customs have a concept that may make this process easier.

The term chun-shim refers to the Heart of Heaven. It is used to describe a natural state of mind in which an individual is able to see everything in the world for what it truly is. They can look past an object's external appearances and see its real character.

There is a material world outside of people's brains, but much of an individual's perception of that world is constructed in their head. Those who have a positive outlook on the world will see a tremendous amount of beauty, while more negative individuals will fail to see the value in many things.

By stripping away the layers of false perception that cloud many people's view of the world around them, individuals may be able to see things as they were meant to be seen in their true light.

The concept of chun-shim suggests that wisdom and creativity naturally spring from within the mind. All a person has to do is figure out how to unlock this brain power. There are no mystical secrets to living a more complete life. Everyone already has the tools they need to pursue personal growth.

Meditation is one technique that can help individuals focus their mind on the natural character of things. This process works by clearing the mind of extraneous thoughts and feelings, allowing one's true thoughts to come through. This concept appears often in Korean culture and customs.

Prayer and healing articles discuss prospects for peace

Individuals who are looking to make the world a more peaceful place through their actions may benefit from looking to prayer and healing articles. These may eventually point a person toward ancient Korean wisdom, which suggest that peace is achievable when the people of the world work together.

This is the principle behind the Korean term pyung-hwa. This phrase describes peace as a collaborative effort that is attained only when the people of the world put aside their difference and work together to find solutions to common problems.

This philosophy is reflected in the works of author and personal growth expert Ilchi Lee. His Earth Citizen movement is designed around this perspective that peace can be achieved through global collaboration and acceptance.

He says that people's national, religious and cultural identities mainly serve to divide people from one another. This is the source of significant amounts of conflict in the world and a main reason for wars and fighting.

However, when people work to overcome these differences, global peace comes within reach. It may seem like a very grand goal, but these types of changes could reasonably be accomplished within the near future. All that is needed is a fresh commitment from the people of the world to peace.

This may seem like a revolutionary idea, but it has actually been around for many years, as reflected by its presence in the Korean tradition. The fact that people have been thinking about these types of ideas for so long shows that the concepts have some traction and could actually be set in motion.

It may seem like a long shot, but with some determination and motivation, people may be able to create a more peaceful world within this generation.


Searching for the meaning of ki energy may lead to a personal growth plan

There is a strong power in the universe that cannot be directly felt or seen. Yet its effects are far reaching and can have a significant influence over the activities that take place on the Earth. This force is known as ki energy, and learning how it can influence life can have a major impact on a person's personal growth plan.

Ki energy surrounds everything. It is in each person, just as it flows through plants, animals and even inanimate objects. It is as ever-present as the air we breathe and as constant as the tides of the ocean.

However, ki energy can be a difficult thing to describe to another person. Its effects are intangible and its nature is insubstantial. It doesn't have a particular look or feel to it, but it is always there, influencing the things people think and the actions they take.

Therefore, people should make efforts to discover the true nature of ki energy for themselves. Reading about it in a book seldom does any good and there is only so much a personal growth expert can tell a person about it. These sources can provide a person with guide posts that may lead them toward a discovery of what ki energy really means, but the individual must take the steps themselves.

Because ki energy is so influential, it is important for all individuals to undergo these types of spiritual journeys. During the process of discovering the true nature of ki energy, a person may also discover their own true nature, leading to personal growth and spiritual fulfillment.

Not everyone discovers the true nature of ki energy in their lifetime. However, for those who do the rewards are many. It is a worthwhile undertaking that help a person in many ways.

Finding one’s true path can contribute to a personal growth plan

While every person has one true direction they must follow in their life, it is not always clear what this is. Starting from a very early age, it may appear as though a person's personal growth plan could include nearly anything. This is why it is important to seek the council of older, wiser individuals when deciding which direction to in life.

There is a Korean term that refers to this type of person. A person who holds the moniker Ilchi is said to be "one who points to the truth." This personal growth experts shows others the path they may follow in order to attain a higher level of peace and fulfillment in their daily lives.

The events of life have a way of weighing down a person. This may make them feel less interested in making a change. Consequently, many of us simply go through the motions of our work and personal lives without ever thinking about how we may be able to make our existence better.

When this type of life becomes all a person can imagine, it is time to call in the help of a personal growth expert. This person can point to the truth that others may not be able to see. Since everyone has an established life purpose, there is no need to continuously repeat the same mistakes over and over again. If a person has found their unique path in life, they will know only inspiration and joy.

While it is impossible for one person to decide the true path of another, it may be useful for individuals to consult with one another about the various possibilities. This type of counselor, or Ilchi in Korean, can do a great service for their friends.