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Incorporating yoga into their daily routines can help seniors move toward their personal growth goals.

Yoga promotes healthy aging

As people get older, they often feel like they've reached an endpoint to self-development, however, personal growth is a lifelong process that is never quite complete. That's why it's important to keep striving for improvement even as we move into our elderly years. Along with eating right and seeing a medical care provider regularly, exercise is essential for the healthy aging process.

For many people, it becomes more difficult to maintain a steady exercise schedule as they grow in years. This can be due to physical restraints and to lack of motivation caused by a lack of energy. However, yoga offers seniors a soothing option for physical activity that's easy to get into as a beginner. It utilizes gentle stretching through basic postures coupled with breathing practices and focused meditation.

Clinical research has proven the effects of yoga on seniors' personal growth plans. According to the National Center for Complementary and Alternative Medicine, studies have shown that people who suffer from conditions related to aging, such as low back pain and low mobility, have found relief from these symptoms thanks to yoga. Scientists have found that it increases flexibility and balance, which can lead to fewer falls and broken bones, and it can reduce blood pressure. Yoga also serves to reduce anxiety and depression, among other mental health benefits.

Keeping up with your New Year's resolution for fitness and personal growth

Keeping up with your New Year’s resolution for fitness and personal growth

New Year's Eve is in your rear view mirror, which means now it's time to get started on putting that resolution for fitness and personal growth into effect. While working out and eating better might seem like a simple plan, you're going to need some help with sticking with your health goals. Here are some tips to keep in mind for achieving your personal growth plan.

Change your snacking
While you might think it's a good idea to ditch all your snack foods to improve your eating habits, you should really be switching them with healthier options. After all, you're bound to need a snack down the line. Consider picking up whole grains, fruits, nuts, vegetables and low-fat dairy to replace cookies and potato chips.

Find the right exercise program
Different types of exercise appeal to different people, so shop around to find the one that suits you best. While many people join a gym, you might feel more at home in a yoga studio. Try out a variety of exercises so you can pinpoint the most enjoyable one for your lifestyle.

Keep a journal
You might want to keep a detailed fitness journal to record your progress with your New Year's resolution. Here, you can record information about time spent exercising, dietary habits, calories consumed and more.

Three tips on personal growth after college

OK, so you've made it through four years of college and come out the other side (relatively) unscathed. While you might think of graduation as an end, it's really more of a beginning – the rest of your adult life awaits! However, you're going to need to prepare for life in the real world. Here are three tips on personal growth to consider as a post-graduate.

College loans
Like it or not, those past four years of fun come with a price tag. Keeping up with your college loans is an important part of being a responsible adult, managing your finances and reducing your overall debt. Make sure you make payments on time to pay off your loans as quickly as possible.

Health and wellness
College undergraduates aren't the healthiest group overall, and you probably spent the past several years eating greasy dining hall food, drinking plenty of beer and not exercising. However, as you get older, keeping up with you health and wellness becomes much more important. Considering adjusting your diet and joining a gym or yoga class.

Professional goals
Hopefully, finding a good entry-level job has been a part of your personal growth plan since before graduation. However, even if you were lucky enough to land a great opportunity, there's no excuse for resting on your laurels at this early stage. You should be looking for ways you can continue to learn and grow in your professional life so you can earn a raise or promotion that will open up new doors for you.

Personal growth plan should include basic UV safety measures

Do you enjoy meditating outdoors? Doing yoga in the sun? Perhaps you prefer to recharge your healing crystals by setting them (and yourself) in direct sunlight for a few hours, like they often say to in crystal healing articles. Well, if you do, consider employing a few techniques for protecting your skin.

That's because July is UV Safety Month, an observance sponsored by the American Academy of Ophthalmology. This doesn't mean it's a time to avoid the sun entirely, but instead a month to be aware that skin and eye protection are essential, especially during the long, hot summer months.

The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) has several suggestions for anyone who is implementing their personal growth plan outdoors:

- If you're yearning to meditate al fresco, consider doing so early in the morning or late in the evening. The HHS notes that UV rays are at their strongest between 10 a.m. and 4 p.m.

- Wear sunscreen. The SPF should be at least 15. Reapply often.

- Put on loose, long-sleeved, organic-fiber outfits. These will help circulate air around your limbs and draw off sweat, keeping you cooler.

- Wear a broad-brimmed hat and sunglasses.

- Try meditating in a shady place, like under a tree or beneath a soaring rock formation.

Men’s health week inspires individuals to make positive changes

Men's health week, which runs through June 17, provides an excellent opportunity for individuals to assess their lifestyles and determine if what they are doing is part of their personal growth plan. If a person's lifestyle does not contribute to positive development, it may be time for change.

Health is one of the most fundamental elements of life. Without good health, it is difficult to find any kind of happiness or spiritual development. However, when people are healthy, other factors, such as income or relationship status, do not necessarily matter so much.

Dr. Stuart Katz, a cardiologist at the New York University Langone Cardiac and Vascular Institute, said that men should seek regular cholesterol and blood pressure testing and pay attention to their body mass index. These are among the most important considerations when it comes to determining heart health.

In order to improve these areas of wellness, men should make positive lifestyle changes, like eating a healthy diet or getting plenty of exercise, Katz said.

In order to ensure proper wellness and support personal growth, men should live healthy lifestyles. Men's Health Week is the perfect opportunity to make positive changes.

The New Year is a good time to set personal growth goals


As New Year's Day approaches, you may be thinking hard about resolutions to make for the upcoming year. However, you should consider that any positive lifestyle changes you want to make should be lasting.

Eating healthier or exercising more take dedication. It's important that you keep this in mind, and avoid thinking about your new habits as being temporary, since this is an oft used tactic for individuals to get themselves through a day of eating little more than salad, fruits and lean proteins.

The problem with this way of thinking is that it usually leads to a relapse of unhealthy behavior. As a result, you may want to plan how you will carry out your resolution in a more realistic light. For example, if you have a sweet tooth or a penchant for salty snacks, allow yourself an occasional frozen yogurt or handful of nuts or pretzels to get your fix.

Think of your personal growth plan as a guide toward enlightenment and betterment. Your personal success story is largely dependent upon your dedication to this plan.


Martial arts may be the key to achieving one’s goals

Individuals who are crafting their person growth plans may at times feel stuck. They know they want to achieve certain things in their lives, but how are they supposed to go about reaching these aspirations?

For many, the most expeditious route to their dreams may be martial arts. These ancient practices teach individuals about the importance of self-discipline and confidence. Through the process of mastering a martial art, individuals may find their personal growth goals become much more attainable.

These types of practices do not need to be all about violence. This may have been the reputation they have developed over the years, but there are numerous varieties of martial arts that do not involve any type of actual aggression. The purpose is simply to use the body to focus a person's attention.

By mastering a set of physical actions, a person learns how to devote their mind to a singular purpose. This can have a wide range of benefits in everyday life and help people reach their most ambitious goals and aspirations.

Korean culture and customs suggest living free of attachments

In life, the highest desire of most people is to find a romantic partner or to develop a supportive network of friends. However, Korean culture and customs have a phrase that suggests these connections can actually be counterproductive to individuals who have a personal growth plan.

The term Gong-Shim translates to "empty mind, heart or core." It is used to refer to a state of mind in which a person no longer desires personal attachments. Instead, these individuals prefer to put all their energies in life toward the public good.

By living a life free of emotional attachments, a person is able to focus all of their attention on improving the lives of those around them without allowing their decisions to become clouded by personal desires involving family or friends. In this way, one's work can be completely selfless.

Few people ever achieve this state of mind. One of the most difficult things in life can be letting go of personal desires and living free of attachments. However, this is one of the only possible paths toward truly working for the public good.

Personal growth plans are aided by an empty mind

Most of the time, people perceive things that are empty and devoid of content to be worthless. Only things that are filled with content are generally viewed as being valuable. However, Korean culture and customs take a different view of the matter.

The Korean phrase gong literally translates to "empty." It is often used in the context of a person's mind. However, rather than describing a person who simply doesn't know anything, it often indicates that an individual has been able to clear their mind of distracting and unnecessary thoughts. This is considered desirable.

The human mind can only hold so much at one time. Therefore, those who never take any time to clear out their old thoughts and ideas may soon find there is no room for new ones. Every once in a while, it is important to clear some mental space and achieve an empty state of mind.

This is one of the most effective ways through which an individual can achieve their personal growth plan. Just about everyone has things they want to achieve in life. However, it can be difficult when they are never able to progress past the thoughts they had last week. Emptying the mind on a regular basis can be an important part of developing as a human.

For people to understand the benefits of a clear brain, they may need to completely change the way they look at the world. In Western society, it is common for people to take the view that more is always better. But sometimes less actually is more. Developing a better understanding of this is one of the keys to personal development.

personal growth plan

A personal growth plan should recognize both aspects of human nature

One of the most important things for individuals – especially those who are looking to grow as a person – to keep in mind is what makes them special. The Korean calligraphy alphabet has one saying in particular that addresses this.

The phrase "chun-ji-in" refers to the three aspects of humanity that separate the species from all others walking the Earth. The first part, "chun," translates to heaven or sky. It is included in the phrase to remind individuals that they are part spiritual beings and that they should keep their hearts open to high aspirations.

Secondly, "ji" refers to the Earth or land. We are all terrestrial beings, and this connection to nature should be considered a basis for all of our activities and motivations. Without a connection to the ground we walk on, our lives would have no foundation, and therefore would fall apart.

Finally, "in," with its reference to humanity, reminds individuals that the two previous elements come together in humans to form something very special. Neither the spiritual or the earthly should be given precedence in an individual’s personal growth plan. Both aspects of humanity are equally important.

These are important concepts to remember, as in life it is easy to be carried away too far in one direction. Often, people allow their sensual pleasures to consume their mind, or they get carried away with dwelling on their own imaginings. While a certain amount of either is beneficial, too much of anything is never good.

Therefore, individuals who are pursuing a personal growth plan should keep in mind that they are equal parts spiritual and terrestrial. Working to develop both aspects of their nature may be important to developing as a complete human.