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Tips for personal success during the holidays

Trying to figure out how you'll make time to get everything done this holiday season? Worried that the pressure and stress might begin to weigh you down? Personal success during the holidays involves some time and effort, but you'll be ready to take on anything with these simple tips.

Limit your engagements
It can seem like everybody you know is having a holiday party during this time of year, which can make it difficult for you to balance these engagements with the rest of your life. While it might be fun to go to each and every event, limit yourself to a handful so you don't get too burnt out.

Keep exercising
It's easy to indulge in holiday desserts and dinners but hard to work off those extra calories. Instead of waiting until New Year's Eve to make a resolution to work out, set aside a half hour or hour every day to exercise. Yoga, running and cycling are all great for a healthy personal success plan.

Plan early
With all the shopping, decorating, traveling and cooking you'll likely be doing during the holidays, it helps to plan out most of it in advance. Try to get as much done early in the season as possible to eliminate last-minute stress.

Your personal success plan to lower blood pressure need not be complicated


High blood pressure – also known as hypertension – can potentially lead to kidney disease, severe cardiovascular events, stroke and vision problems if left untreated. While it's always important to talk to your doctor about any medications, it's equally necessary to inquire about lifestyle changes and holistic remedies that may alleviate high blood pressure.

Think about your journey toward better cardiovascular health as just one part of your personal success plan. After all, efforts that may bring blood pressure back to normal may also help you lose weight and improve your cognition.

Diet and exercise are key to maintaining and improving overall health. Ditch the idea that these efforts are reserved for occasions where you need to drop 10 pounds quickly, as daily balanced meals and vigorous physical activity are necessary components of everyday living.

Practicing yoga and meditation may also lead to a personal success story. These mind-body exercises have been shown to calm the mind, which has benefits for several areas of well-being, including the mental, physical and spiritual.


Understanding ki energy is central to personal growth

Personal growth experts often say that there is a whole world beyond what can commonly be seen. Ki energy surrounds everything and influences the actions of everyone. Understanding the role this force plays in life can be important to developing a personal success plan.

Probably the most challenging part of coming to understand ki energy is the fact that it cannot be directly seen or felt. This is much different from many of our other experiences.

Take, for example, electrical energy. It may not be possible to view it directly, but humanity has learned to harness it, and its effects can be plainly seen. However, there is no direct way to harness ki energy. Its effects are subtler and less obvious to the untrained eye.

Despite its discreet nature, ki energy can have profound effects in the world. People may not realize it, but the force can be felt at nearly all moments of the day. Developing as a human means getting in touch with this ever-present source of energy and influence. Doing so could lead to numerous benefits in life.

More employers are looking to encourage personal growth through online education

Many people believe that a personal success plan can take them far, particularly in today's society, where there are a number of issues plaguing the job boards. Enrolling in a higher education is becoming increasingly important, but some individuals may feel as though they do not have the time to go back to school because they have other commitments such as work and family. This is why there has been an influx in people pursuing online degrees, which could actually be attractive to more employers.

The Atlanta Journal-Constitution is reporting that some employers are encouraging workers to go back to school through an online program in an effort to boost their credentials, particularly during a time when one's academic background is key.

"In this economy, we're seeing more workers go back to school for traditional or online degrees," Megan Graham, vice president of workforce strategy and planning for Children's Healthcare of Atlanta, told the news provider. "We value people who have gone back to get a degree."

This is the perfect opportunity for individuals who are looking to go back to school to do so. With online education continuing to grow in popularity, it is becoming more widely-accepted among employers. As a result, those with hectic schedules will suddenly find themselves with the opportunity to really work on their growth.

Several reports have been conducted that have demonstrated the growing popularity of nontraditional courses, such as internet-based learning. According to the most recent findings from the Sloan Consortium, more than 5.6 million students were enrolled in at least one online course.